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Resistance to writing lurks everyday.

12 Jul

Today’s writing gave me a nice 1000 words. Now this month, it is a little easier to find the time to write because I’m on summer break and my kids are at violin camp for 3 hrs in the morning. I have the luxury of those 3 quiet hours to write at least a scene.

Today writing: 1000 words!

But despite that, resistance to writing lurks everyday.

The kids had a concert last night which meant a night out and a midnight bedtime for me. I went to bed thinking I would skip writing the next day. But then I realized that my husband was not using that evening out as an excuse to stay home from work.

So while I usually don’t like to view my writing as a “my job” for various reasons I don’t want to go into here, I see that making a commitment means that you have to follow through on that commitment especially when it’s difficult.

Now while I do have writing breaks planned in my year schedule (one of them starts next week), a late night is not an excuse to skip a day. I can find have a whole day, certainly I can to find a small thirty minutes in there somewhere. If I skip today, then skipping tomorrow will be so much easily justified and I’ll find myself skipping weeks.

Write daily, no further expectations.

So that’s what I learned today: excuses are easy to make. But my goal is simply to write daily, no further expectations. And for that I need to build my discipline, one day at a time.

Still writing daily,
Marie-Claude xoxox


Selling, getting published – so irrelevant!

11 Jul

Today’s writing gave me 800 words, nothing last night as family life turned chaotic and I fell asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow, but I got it down this morning.

I had to fight a lot of resistance within myself to keep writing today. The querying process is brutal to my spirit (see more below) and I fought with myself all morning about the idea of abandoning my current project which is the sequel to the project I’m submitting now. I though I’d jump right away to a sexy paranormal, which has more chance of selling.

The main thing is to write daily.

Then it sort if hit me. It really doesn’t matter what I’m working on. Selling, getting published, getting kudos, it is so irrelevant right now when the main thing is to write daily.

So I took a shower to dust my brain cobwebs and forced myself to sit at the page of my current project for an hour. Got my scene down. I like writing this story, so forget sales for now and to paraphrase author Cheri Adair: just finish the damn book!

Just finish the damn book!

I’m sending quite a lot of queries this month for the manuscript I finished in March and an important thing I’m learning is that sending too many at once can be a bad idea. Receiving a batch load of rejections all at once, some in the same day, can be quite hard to take.

What I learned today…

I’ve been working with the faulty principle that, perhaps because I sold my first manuscript quickly, these rejections mean that I am truly not a publishable writer (as in, ever) and that I’ve been a fraud all along.

This feeling of being a fraud is common to many writers and something we talked about a lot during Bob Mayer’s Warrior Writer’s workshop and which he explains quite well in this article here.

“Rejection means you’re a real writer.”

As I’m reading more and more articles about rejections like this one here by Tobias Buckell, I’m starting to realize that rejections means that you are a real writer.

It’s kind of hard to internalize but I’m repeating this over and over to myself like a mantra with the reminder that while this story may not be the one that will get me back on track, writing and submitting it is necessary for me to do as a writer so that I can get better.

It’s all part of learning and growing into what I chose to do.

And that’s all you can do here: learn to get better.

Keeping on writing daily,
Marie-Claude xoxox


Goodbye for now…

05 May

Well this is the time to say goodbye to this blog for an undetermined time, maybe for good. I haven’t been very active in the last few months mostly because I am concentrating on my writing. I am working on some great projects and want to give them my full attention both time and creativity wise.

Blogging regularly takes a lot of one’s mental energy and as writers I think we have to decide where to put all that creativity. For me, it’s at the page, in my manuscripts. This is where lies my “happy writing place.”

So I have decided to blog a lot less and only at Musetracks, a popular blog for writers that I am very proud of. We started it as unpublished authors with big dreams and now we are still great friends and writing partners and the blog has grown bigger than we ever imagined.

So you can find me there on Mondays, but I do hope you will stick around on other days because we offer a lot of inspiration and companionship to fellow writers, along with the chance to pitch to agents and editors once a month.

Much love,
Marie-Claude xoxox

p.s. if you like social media, you can also add me as a friend on Facebook or on Twitter, or Instagram as marieclaudewrites


Being human and writing commitments

14 Mar

While yesterday’s writing session was not half bad even though my enthusiasm was laking, today was the opposite. I woke up ready to go and super energetic. My laptop however, didn’t follow my will.

When I turned it on this morning, it was super slow to boot. I’m thinking that my two favorite persons in the world, a.k.a. my kids, had used it the day before to look up the value of their Magic the Gathering card and left the battery run out.

So after 5-10 minutes of looking at the screen, trying to get everything up again, I was no longer keen on writing.

I hate this feeling. I keep telling myself that there are no excuses. That I don’t need my computer just so, my coffee at the right temperature, the lighting just right, etc, in order to get down to work. Those are excuses, but sometimes being human gets in the way of my writing commitments.

Oh well.

I did a page or so then had to leave for my teaching work.

How often has that happened to you? How often had technology or other things gotten in the way of your writing? Was it an excuse or just one of those day?

Much love,
Marie-Claude xoxox


One writing day off is just one writing day off

02 Mar

I found myself skipping the writing again this morning. I’ve been pretty good all week, but this morning I just couldn’t face it.

Between late night dealing with school stuff and taking care of the kids, I just needed that early morning to myself for one tiny hour.

To do nothing…

No writing, reading, thinking, just nothing.

I’ll be honest, trying to juggle the writing, my Masters with full days teaching middle school and come home to deal with kids is killing me.

And yes at time, I wonder if I will ever make it again, if I will ever sell what I am writing now so slowly. Surely no agent will want to take me on if I am so slow.

Yet, I’m trying to tell myself that I’m writing for the pleasure of the story first, that the worse would be to completely stop trying all together. And that even a book a year is probably enough to sustain a small career. And finally I’m trying to tell myself that one day off is just one day off, not 5 or 10 or even a whole month.

So I’ll just have to let it slide, get right back at it.

Giving myself a break. And so should you.

Much love,
M-C xoxox


Writing with kids

20 Feb

Writing with Kids
Are you a writer? Do you have kids at home?
I’m not sure what I was thinking this week. Since I have a whole week off from school, I thought, great, lots of lots of time to write.So I didn’t plan my writing much and kind of forgot that if you throw the kids in the mix, all regular sensible life goes out the window really quick.
Hence very little writing gets done when the boys are running around crazy in the house, along with all their friends, making a mess, getting hurt and fighting each other.So right… not much writing today.
Thank goodness I worked a little at 5 am and finished editing a scene before heading to the gym. As much said like to feel like I’m on holiday, when it comes to writing, I still got to stick with my wee quiet morning time.

M-C xoxox


There will be bad days…

11 Sep

A friend of mine who has been teaching high school for quite a while gave me this advice last week-end before I started student teaching: there will be bad days….

I feel that with writing it’s the exact same thing. There will be bad days, there will also be days when your other life makes you feel shitty and you won’t feel like writing.

Guess what: a bad writing session is better than no writing.

Don’t expect perfection everyday. Ignore the critique, the haters and the idea that you’ll meet success daily. Just chug along and do it!

M-C xoxox

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