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Fighting with yourself, afraid of the page…

10 Jul

Today’s writing quota was quite good. A mere 200 words last night (because yeah I’m also trying to write before bed now) and a whooping 1400 words this morning.

Today’s quota: 1600 words.

You know how you can surprise yourself sometimes? Fighting with yourself, afraid of the page, then poof, done. So easy.

But this was a love scene, I was writing. I don’t know why but usually writing love scene is easier for me. And I’m left wondering why oh why did I decide to write urban fantasy with close doors. That makes no sense. I must have been high on succeess!! Ahah here’s a good lesson: never take yourself too seriously.

Which gets me to what I learned about writing today (yeah I’m trying to emulate little Arya from Games of Thrones here): this morning I wandered on Facebook to the big writers group I sort of co-own. And lo and behold, among a few great writing questions, there are tons, no TONS of “read my blog/buy my book” posts.

What I learned about writing today…

I had vaguely though of adding my blog there but uh…no. There is too much noise out there, I’ll stay here by myself for a while, thank you very much.

It really doesn’t help to shout out loud in a crowd of people who shoot louder than you. You’ll just get tired.

Just do your thing, be modest. Be consistent. Work at getting better. That is all!

Writing daily,
Marie-Claude xoxox


The positive in bad reviews

01 Jan

I was searching for the 2012 Goodreads challenge last night when I stumbled upon a not so good review of my novel. I usually don’t look but it happens. Not such a great way to start a new year that I want to be all about being positive.

So here’s a challenge, how to stay and see the positive in a bad review of your work.

It hurts, that has to be acknowledge. We all want everyone to love our work. But… this reader bought the book, took the time to read it all and write a comprehensive review. That in a way is pretty cool.

I know that she doesn’t have a personal vendetta against me, it’s just that my story was not what she likes in her reading and she chose to express that to her friends.

That’s all there is to it.

I’m still thrilled I published a book. I still love it because it was my vision, my story and the best I could write at the time. It was my first and I know that the more I practice my craft, the better I will become.

I looked back at my goals last night after reading the review and nowhere did I say that I wanted the world to love me.

I want to have books written published, that’s my goal. And reviews are part of that.

So I’m grateful someone took the time to review my work.

M-C xoxox

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