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Weekly Writing Wrap-Up -Week 12

25 Mar

How was everyone’s writing this week? It looks like I was a little short on my writing goals this week.

In fact the stress level with the end of my grad school program is so high that I am losing counts of what day it is and what I am doing.

This week I may or may not have written (revised) 3-4 days and took one morning for interview questions for RTBookReview magazine.

But I do know that I did finished revising chapter 22 of the steampunk novel.

So small progress is better than none!

Much love,
Marie-Claude xoxox


writing goal plan, Charlaine Harris and the holidays.

26 Dec

Some gratitudes:  
A writing goal plan:  
I’m glad I had a little time this morning to lay out my goals for the year. More then ever I want to find the time to finish and submit the novel I am working on. So today I looked deep and realized how important writing and staying published is for me and that I do need to make time for it. I laid out a plan in a spreadsheet and I am confident that by the middle of the summer I should be closer to my goal.  
Sookie Stackhouse  
I dug through my libraries paperbacks today and found the first in the series of those books popularized by the show True Blood (which I haven’t watch yet). I have read a couple Charlaine Harris before but not this series. And I happened to have a copy of the first book. I’m loving it so far and glad I have it for the holidays.  
The holidays:  
I have one more week left. I am actually quite busy even though it’s resting time. I have my kids home from school and they are full of restless energy, I keep my morning gym and writing commitments and I’m trying to tie some loose ends before the last quarter of my teaching program starts. It’s busy but I have time to be in my own head a little, find what I want to do, how I want to do it, clear things out. I’m grateful but the small time out.  
Stay awesome,  

Newest reads: Lisa Kleypas

13 Sep

I just finished my first Lisa Kleypas novel. What can I say? This is not a review BTW, I would never dare criticize such a popular author.

It was fun and a really quick read, which means I will read her other books. I love regencies and need my fix between Eloisa James and Julia Quinn.

Kleypas has a little too many love scenes for my taste (and here I worried I write too hot!) and they are not always needed for the plot. But it’s a fun read and just what I need when life gets too busy!

M-C xoxox

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