The lure of the all-or-nothing writing

02 May

Are you an all-or-nothing writer? By that I mean do you write in big chunks of free time, on week-ends or holidays only?

To me it sounds so seductive. I need about 3 half-hour morning sessions to edit one scene, so if I have a full 8 hour day, I should be able to edit at least 4 scenes that day. Of course I could, I did this before.

But… I’m forgetting one thing. Right now I am burnt out from 15 month straight of an intensive graduate school program and I need a holiday. Not a holiday from writing, but some down time.

Problem is, I thought I could write during my time off. I though I could skip my regular morning writing sessions and catch up during the day when my kids are off at school.

But what happened is that (1) I had too much unstructured time on my hand and (2) I’m still not done with school (I have my Masters presentation in about 10 days) and (3) I have a backlog of neglected life stuff to catch up on.

So the writing has been sparse. Except for this week, when I realized that there was no way I could kid myself. I’m not a full time writer.

What works for me is to get up at 5 am, get my coffee, fire up my laptop and work on that novel, everyday. Even 30 min is enough to see progress.

So I’m moving along this week, with one scene already completed. How is your own writing coming along? Slow and steady or great and short burst?

Much love,
Marie-Claude xoxox


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