Writing with kids

20 Feb

Writing with Kids
Are you a writer? Do you have kids at home?
I’m not sure what I was thinking this week. Since I have a whole week off from school, I thought, great, lots of lots of time to write.So I didn’t plan my writing much and kind of forgot that if you throw the kids in the mix, all regular sensible life goes out the window really quick.
Hence very little writing gets done when the boys are running around crazy in the house, along with all their friends, making a mess, getting hurt and fighting each other.So right… not much writing today.
Thank goodness I worked a little at 5 am and finished editing a scene before heading to the gym. As much said like to feel like I’m on holiday, when it comes to writing, I still got to stick with my wee quiet morning time.

M-C xoxox


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